Work in progress: accordian dollhouse


Taken from the binder dollhouse idea here




This is TOTE-ally awesome — and EASY!

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I found on Pinterest a lot of towel totes…ones you can unroll and then have a place to lie down and sunbathe.  But I wanted one that also held my possessions.  Insert the wearable tote bag.

This is super easy. Take a wearable towel…I found mine at Tuesday morning. (One like this)

Sew a towel on top. I happened to pick one of my son’s that has a monkey head and tail on it, which may have the added benefit that he can use it as a wearable towel too, but you can use any old towel.

2015-03-06 08.40.18

Sew the bottom so it can be used as a tote.

Then fold it up and sew buttons or velcro so it stays closed.  I then folded it again in half and added buttons so it can roll up all nice and small. That’s it!

Here it is as a wearable towel.

2015-03-06 08.38.30

Here it is all folded up

2015-03-06 08.37.16

Here it is with items in it

 2015-03-06 08.39.54

Items in it, folded in half.  You can carry it like this too, especially if you have a lot of stuff.

2015-03-06 08.40.47

Roll up travel play kitchen

The kids have enough toys,  but when we go on vacation to Virginia they get a but bored with lack of toys at the grandparents.   So I designed a play kitchen we can travel with.

I used one of these :


And made this :


The detachable compartments can hold my cardboard kitchen supplies.




Easy as always!  Yay crappy crafts.