Why Crappy Crafts?

I love to craft.  I already spend time scrapbooking and writing, so crafting things for my kids is another creative outlet for me.

Here’s the problem.  I can’t sew. I’m clumsy.  I’m cheap.  I’m impatient.  My projects never come out looking picture-perfect.  They are not much to brag about.

So why would I post them? Because I spend hours on Pinterest scouring for ideas I can use for the kids.  It takes a while to find inspiration, and then I have to modify it to my skill level.

The thing is, when I figure it out, my children love the end result.  I don’t have to be perfect– I just have to care.  This blog is for all of us — the imperfect, the hapless, the uncoordinated.  They are still good ideas! Make something out of it!

Love, Jen


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